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This company acts an introducer and agent to complete the mission of reaching a rental agreement between the renter and the landlord. If you have plans to rent a place (in Taipei City, or Tienmu and Peitau areas), please contact us. After understanding your requirements and accepting the consignment for looking for a residence, we will immediately proceed with the introduction of a rental object suitable for you.

You can call us for inquiry, and our supervisor will give you detailed description of the house in fluent English. English Special Line: 2772-4567.

2. You may choose the object that you are interested to take a look from the published objects on the Master Homes website or from the oral description by our staff.
3. You can personally visit our company and look at the pictures of the actual external and internal looks of the house for better understanding. Our staff will make arrangement for you to visit the houses you have chosen. Direction to our company:
4. Our staff will take you there, and the sales staff will explain the conditions of the rental object and the rental terms. We can also pay the rental deposit to the landlord for you in advance upon request.
5. You can call us anytime to inquire about the information on new rental object on that day or recent days, and our staff will inform you the rental object suitable for you.
6. If you think the place is suitable for you, We will negotiate and confirm the rental term, and make arrangement for signing agreement with the landlord.
7. If there is any legal issue during the rental period, you can call us, and the attorney of our legal office will provide you legal opinions.
8. Our company may recommend you the best-quality moving company or security company, and other vendor. Sometimes, you may get a pretty good discount.

If you are an foreign overseas renter, more than 10 of our staffs who are fluent in English will serve you, and interpret the landlord's message for you, during the leasehold period. It will make the communication between you and the landlord hindrance free, and therefore you do not have to worry about the language problem.

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